Collaborative Sales Platform



Bitrix is a business software that combines various services for optimal communication and task management.
Clients can overview their businesses with convenience implementing Bitrix24. Communication and project management has never been easier.

Role of our company

Our company was responsible for the modification and expansion of BItrix24’s website. By implementing various tools such as HTML and Javascript, we have created impressive modifications to the frontend and backend of the website.

About the project

With modifications implemented on the dashboard and user charts, the website now has heightened visual effects and a seamless interface. We also worked on improving Bitrix24’s database schema, creating an API for optimal data collection. Bitrix24 now provides clients with an effortless platform for sales management and team collaboration.


By modifying and expanding the frontend and backend, we were able to create a user-friendly website. As a result, over 8,000,000 organizations have integrated BItrix24 into their businesses.

  • Client:Bitrix
  • Duration:4 months
  • Tools:1
  • Scope:Website
  • Tools:HTML, Javascript, PHP, React JS, MySQL